Here within the INTERNAL NETWORK GROUP we believe in working hard and playing hard! What better way to support our disabled vets than with a professionally guided fly fishing trip on the world renowned, trophy trout producing, Farmington River.


Have you ever asked yourself "Where does my hair dresser get their hair done?" or "Who does my doctor go to see when they're sick?" Well, we asked the same question about fly fishing guides, "Where do Farmington River fly fishing guides fish when they are off the clock?" We have the answer and want to share it with you!


Fly Fishing is as much art as it is science. Our guides pride themselves on knowing where the trout are, what they are feeding on, and proper presentation techniques. It takes more than luck to produce as many trout as they have all year round.












The Offer

Full Day: 8 hours on the water, one hour lesson, if requested. MEET 5:00am Fish  5:30am to 1:30pm

              One Person:  $400

Half Day: 4 hours on the water, one hour lesson, if requested.

AM trip MEET 5:00am Fish 5:30-9:30, PM trip MEET 3:30pm Fish 4-8

              One Person:  $300

*Call or email for additional rates on parties of 2, 3, or 4.


            *Chest Waders: $15

              Fly Pole/Reel:  $10

*We have waders and shoes that will fit individuals from men's shoe size 6 to 13. If you are on the smaller or larger than average body/shoe size please let us know in advance. We may or may not be able to provide you with the appropriate sized waders. Meeting times subject to change throughout the year based on sunrise/sunset. Call or email for latest scheduled time slots.


We can provide you with everything you need to start catching fish. From the experts to the novices, young and old, we cater to all.The cost of the trip is worth just knowing where these trout infested areas lie. Group size is limited to 4. Small groups ensure quality time with your guide and their instruction.


100% of all gratuity and a portion of the guided fee, after expenses, will go to the Disabled Americans Veterans Organization. We want to give back to those who gave so much.



Please call or email about specials going on, and as always Veterans and members of the INTERNAL NETWORK GROUP Have discounted rates!


How to Schedule

Email (InternalNetworkGroup@gmail.com) or call us (860-595-2701) with the desired time slot and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.


Meeting Location  (subject to change)

 Dunkin Donuts located at 495 Main St, New Hartford, CT, 06057

Dunkin Donuts opens at our 5:00 AM meeting time if breakfast is desired.

Groups will meet a half hour before scheduled fishing times.No more than 15 minutes after meeting time will be waited before leaving.


What to Bring

     -Portable Water Container, with D ring if possible

     -Medications, Epinephrine Pen


     -Bug Spray

     -Sun Glasses, Ideally Polarized

     -Sun Block

     -Sun Blocking Hat

     -Rain Coat and Hat if possible showers

     -Good Karma


The Members Tournament

We wanted to give our members a little more incentive to play. We are offering a $2000 grand prize to the member that catches the heaviest trout. The tournament will be held from April 20, 2015 to December 1, 2015. The grand prize winner will be announced and posted by Friday December 6, 2015. Must be registered as a member of the INTERNAL NETWORK GROUP, LLC prior to catching a qualifying trout.Your guide will take down your name and fish specifications to enter the fish in the tournament.


The Fine Print

     -Must have a current CT fishing license.

     -Must only bring barbless flies, you can use pliers to bend barbs back.

             (CT DEEP law in fishing areas guided.)

     -Five day cancellation notice required to schedule a rebook.

     -Must be 18 or accompanied by an adult, must be 16 years old and weigh over 100 pounds.

     -Subject to weather conditions, inclement weather days will be rescheduled.

     -All parties must sign a release of liability contract before entering any water body.